Selling Process

Step By Step Look at Selling Property

You know how great your home is, but when you sell your property, you have to convince someone else. We’ve been selling property for over 25 years, and we know what works.

We’ve got buyers looking for all types of property for sale right now. We’ll show them your property online, in the press, in our offices and from our database’s.

The selling process can seem complex, but we’ll use all our experience to make sure it runs smoothly. Here’s our quick guide to the main steps..

  • Step 1 Appoint an estate agent

    The first step in selling your property is to appoint an estate agent who will value your home correctly with suitable evidence and not just to gain your instruction. A supported valuation and correct market strategy is priceless.

    Take time to research Estate Agents in your area, look at their website reviews, look in the local newspapers and drive around your area to see who is selling locally.

    Our staff know the local areas and we will help with every stage of your sale, from valuation to marketing and conveyancing.

    Decide who you felt most comfortable with, gave you the most confidence, market knowledge, experience and has the best results.

  • Step 2 Get your home ready for market

    Getting your house ready for viewings can make all the difference. A few tips…

    • Think like a buyer – have a good look round, repair any minor holes, don’t overlook flaws just because you don’t mind them or your used to them.
    • Reduce Clutter – get rid of everything you don’t really need. This could help make the house look bigger and help when you come to move.
    • Decorate neutrally – buyers need to be able to see it as their own home and neutral colours will appeal to a wider audience.
    • Keep in light and air the house – clean the windows and ensure you neutralise any pet, smoke or cooking smells.
    • Outside – buyers will often walk or drive past first, and a cut lawn with weed free beds make a good first impression.

  • Step 3 Viewings

    Your agent should ensure your property is marketed using the appropriate strategy for you and your home. Getting you viewers by advertising, mail outs and of course all the portals as well as where appropriate an open house. Don’t forget a “For Sale” board will always help the local buyer spot your property.

  • Step 4 Getting an offer

    As your estate agent we will present each offer to you and negotiate on your behalf to get the best result.

    Things you need to consider

    • Price – how much are the buyers offering to pay ? You may need to be prepared to negotiate. Don’t forget to make it clear if any items are not included in the price.
    • Are they in a chain?, have they sold their house or are they in rented accommodation? The buyers situation and chain can make a big difference to the speed of your sale.
    • Your position – are the buyers able to move in time to suit your plans and timescale?
    • Should you accept the offer? – We will provide you with all the help we can for you to make the right decision.

  • Step 5 Instruct a Solicitor

    • Instruct a Solicitor who can work with you and your estate agent. We have a sister company Legal Business who can deal with all your requirements and keep us informed throughout the sale.
    • Your Buyers status needs to be checked by your estate agent and their Solicitors need to be instructed before you take your property off the market.
    • Make sure your buyers circumstances and financial status are thoroughly checked.

  • Step 6 Up to Exchange of contracts

    This is the stage at which many people get frustrated, but our dedicated team will progress the transaction on a regular basis, constantly communication with solicitors, mortgage brokers, surveyors, other estate agents, you and your purchaser to achieve a smooth stress free process.

    • Your Solicitor will have enquiries only you can deal with direct.
    • The buyer and their mortgage lender will carry out any valuations and surveys on the building and check that everything is as it should be with the paperwork. It is quite normal for a few queries to be raised, and this stage can take a little while.
    • Your contract will then be sent to you for signing
    • When this stage is complete you’re ready to exchange contracts and set a completion date, when the money gets transferred, and the property legally changes hands, the conveyancing process will be complete.
    • After you have formally exchanged contracts, you are legally obliged to sell the property to your chosen buyer and they are obliged to buy it from you.

  • Step 7 Completion

    Completing the sale is usually as simple as getting a phone call from your solicitor telling you that everything has gone smoothly.

    This means both parties’ mortgages have been paid off and new arrangements put in place, the conveyancors have successfully arranged the legal transfer, and the property officially belongs to your buyer.

    Selling your property is now complete – congratulations!