Our Professional Management Team

Robert Cockett20190404152821

Robert Cockett

Group Sales Director
Graham Twine20150523132921

Graham Twine

Senior Property Consultant
Ben Clarke20200224144604

Ben Clarke

Sales Manager
James Millar20210729170357

James Millar

Associate Director
Vincent Walters20190506190219

Vincent Walters

Senior Property Consultant
Chris Thompson20231021152207

Chris Thompson

Sales Manager
Wendy Griffin20190526153751

Wendy Griffin

Village Assistant Manager
Sally Sparkes20221112130357

Sally Sparkes

Lettings Manager
Lisa Thompson20221112134804

Lisa Thompson

Lettings Property Manager
Nigel Coyne20150523133058

Nigel Coyne

Managing Director, F.N.A.E.A & M.A.R.L.A
Beverley Coyne20150523133004

Beverley Coyne

Director, A.C.M.A.

Our History


Founded in 1987, and celebrating more than 35 years of exceptional service, Keith Ashton was first created as a single branch sales office in Brentwood. We have continued to maintain a dedicated presence in this area and are proud to help the community with their property needs in any way we can. However, we’ve grown and grown since these humble origins. Here’s everything you need to know about Keith Ashton estate agents…

Managing Director, Nigel Coyne, has harnessed his boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm to ensure that the company evolved to be at the forefront of property services in the area.


Our Flagship Office

To celebrating over three decades serving the local area, our flagship Brentwood office was refurbished and expanded, creating St Thomas Roads largest branch. The stylish Brentwood office is run by Group Sales Director, Robert Cockett who joined the company in 2005, supported by Senior Property Consultant Vincent Walters and Assistant Manager, Ben Clarke.

The Village Office

1993 saw the acquisition of our Village office. Situated in Kelvedon Hatch and serving the five parishes and surrounding areas, this truly is a specialist market. 2022, saw Graham Twine our Village Sales Director of 25 years move to a Senior Consultancy role within the Company and our village residential expert, James Millar Associate Director, take up the helm.  James with his 17 years experience of village sales, is the perfect addition to our indisputably well established team here at the Village Office.  Our expert local knowledge and passion for property is one of the many things that has helped us to succeed.

Lettings Agency

In 1989, with a vision to offer clients a complete and comprehensive service, Nigel elected to ‘buck the trend’ and launch a dedicated lettings department and soon won the largest contract in the area, managing Ford Motor Company executive homes. Today, as a market leading estate agent, our lettings team with their dedication, care and commitment has made us the longest established, most prominent lettings office in the area.

‘Signature Homes’

Here at Keith Ashton, we understand that a special home requires an extra level of marketing.  With our extensive knowledge and heritage of over 35 years, our ‘Signature Homes’ team are skilled at preparing a tailor-made strategy for you with a range of marketing options, allowing us to present your property to discerning buyers and tenants, many of whom, often have specific requirements.

Lands & New Homes Department

Having dealt with the sale and acquisition of land and new homes for many years, our dedicated Land and New Homes Department has developed and expanded, overseen by the Directors and our dedicated Land and New Homes Specialist, James Millar; the department is ideally placed to provide expert advice and support. Providing support and advice throughout developments, Keith Ashton are the estate agents who can make a development a success.

What Sets Us Apart

In the constantly shifting landscape of property services, Keith Ashton Estates have established themselves as a market leading independent family run business.

The dream and vision continue with service you deserve and people you can trust. When it comes to estate agents, there’s just something about Keith Ashton! Get in touch with us today, and you’ll see what sets us apart.

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Lettings Office

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