Well that was a nice surprise….

A very nice delivery arrived for Amy over at our Brentwood office who worked very hard and was successful in keeping one of our chains together.  An agent at the bottom of the chain was so impressed with Amy’s hard work she sent these as a thank you.

Well done to our winners….

Well done to our winner Jonathan, who had the closest guess to the correct amount of balloons we managed to squeeze into our mini at the Strawberry Fayre, and well done also to Larnie-Rae who we picked as our winner for the drawing competition.  Your prizes are waiting for you, and we look forward to seeing you very soon.  Happy shopping!!

We puffed and we puffed and puffed some more……

Wow….what a huge amount of balloons we managed to squeeze into our lovely Keith Ashton mini for our little competition.  Although the weather wasn’t at it’s best, we certainly didn’t let it dampen our spirits.   We loved meeting everyone at the Strawberry Fayre on Shenfield Common, and it was lovely to have another opportunity to raise some funds for GTCA.   See you all again next year!!

Behind you every single step of the way

Although the team and the 88 runners from Georgia’s Teenage Cancer Appeal did all of the hard work, we were proud and privileged to be able to support them by sponsoring all of their running tops for the Brentwood Half Marathon & Fun Run…..I think you can definitely say that we were behind them every step of the way.  Well done every one, you all did an AMAZING job!!!

Going the extra mile….literally! !

We’re proud to support Georgia’s Teenage Cancer Appeal with over 80 runners in this year’s Brentwood half marathon and fun run. They do an amazing job raising money to improve the lives of children in Essex with cancer and other life threatening conditions.