Our Top Tips For Selling Your Home in Summer

As the estate agents Brentwood property owners recommend, we sell homes all year round, whatever the season. Here are our top tips for securing a speedy summer sale.

Focus on the garden

If you are selling a home in the summer, you should take some time to tend to your garden. At this time of the year, buyers will be thinking about what they can do with the outdoor space in a property, so it’s important that you showcase all that yours has to offer. Make sure that your lawn is neatly mowed, and your flowerbeds are in order, as buyers favour gardens that are well-maintained. If you have an outdoor dining area, make sure that it is clean and presentable, with a freshly swept patio and a neatly laid table.

Let natural light in

You should also focus on boosting the amount of natural light in your property during the summer months. Make sure that your windows are clean, and that they are dressed with stylish blinds and curtains. If possible, keep your windows and patio doors open during a viewing, so that your property feels light and airy. It will also draw attention to any beautiful views your property has, boosting the appeal of its location.

Boost kerb appeal

Regardless of the time of year you are trying to sell your home, you should do all that you can to boost its kerb appeal. Make sure that the exterior of your windows are well-maintained, to match the effort that you have made on the inside. Give your front door a clean, and if it is wooden, why not give it a fresh coat of paint? Guttering should be in good condition and clear of any weeds, and if you have any plants or a lawn in your front garden you should make sure that they are neat. All of this will make a potential buyer excited to step inside.

Make some décor changes

It’s important to stage your home appropriately too. Flowers will help to create a summery feel within your property – whether they are real or fake! Pots of herbs and bowls of fresh fruit in your kitchen will show buyers that this is the perfect place to prepare dishes that are perfect for alfresco dining. Keep rooms free of clutter too, and invest in bright, cheerful accessories that bring the sunshine in – even when it’s raining outside!

Finish those odd jobs

Of course, while you are doing your best to make your home look amazing you shouldn’t forget to finish those odd jobs that you have been putting off either! The smallest things can make the difference to a buyer, and if you have ticked off those little jobs it could really set your property apart from another! Take care of any squeaky doors, floorboards or stairs, and make sure that any carpets or flooring are securely fitted. Replace any mouldy sealant in your kitchen or bathrooms, and fix any dripping taps too! Taking care of these little details will really help to make the best impression on buyers as you try to sell your home this summer.

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